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4.2. Creating a brand

Use the create_brand action to create a new brand. When you create a new brand, you must give it a name and specify the original language for the brand's XML files. The --name option provides the name, and the --lang option specifies the language. The complete command is therefore:
publican create_brand --name=brand --lang=language_code
Publican creates a new subdirectory named publican-brand, where brand is the brand that you specified with the --name option.
For example, to create a brand called Acme, which will have its Common Content XML files written originally in American English, run:
publican create_brand --name=Acme --lang=en-US
Publican creates the brand in a subdirectory named publican-Acme.
To configure your new brand, search for the word SETUP in the default files that Publican creates and edit the files to provide the missing details. On Linux operating systems, you can search for the word SETUP in these files with the command:
grep -r 'SETUP' *