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Chapter 2. Publican commands

2.1. Global options
2.2. Actions
Publican is a command-line tool. To use Publican on a computer with a Linux operating system, you must either start a terminal emulator program (such as GNOME Terminal or Konsole) or switch to a virtual console. To use Publican on a computer with a Windows operating system, run the cmd command from the Start menu to open a command prompt.
Publican commands take one of the following two formats:
publican global_option
The global_option is any of several options that display basic information about Publican or help for Publican in one of a number of formats.
publican action options
The action is an action for Publican to perform, such as creating the XML files for a new document or building a HTML document from a document's XML files. The options apply to the action, such as specifying the language of a document.

2.1. Global options

The global options for Publican are:
This option displays a help message, a condensed version of the contents of this chapter.
This option displays the man page for Publican, which includes the same information as the --help option supplies, in addition to information about licensing and dependencies.
This option displays a list of valid Publican actions.
This option displays the version number of your Publican installation.