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Command summary

Global options
publican --help
displays help
publican --man
displays the manual page
publican --help_actions
displays a list of actions
publican --v
displays the Publican version number.
publican build
transforms XML into a document. Options:
comma-separated list of formats to build (mandatory).
comma-separated list of languages to build (mandatory).
embeds a table of contents into HTML output.
sets up built content for publishing.
publican clean
removes the temporary directories from a document directory.
publican clean_ids
indents XML files neatly, and rebuilds element IDs.
publican cleanset
removes local copies of remote books that are part of a set.
publican create
creates a new book, article, or set. Options:
the name of the document (mandatory).
the documented product.
the version of the documented product.
the edition of the document.
the brand for the document.
the language in which the XML will be authored.
the type of document — article, book, or set.
publican create_brand
creates a new brand. Options:
the name of the document (mandatory).
the language in which the XML will be authored.
publican help_config
displays a list of parameters for the publican.cfg file.
publican installbrand
configures a brand for installation (supports the development of different types of installation packages).
publican lang_stats
generates a translation report for a language.
the language for which the report will be generated.
publican old2new
constructs a publican.cfg file based on the Makefile of a Publican 0 document.
publican package
packages a document or brand for distribution. Options:
the language to package (mandatory for documents, meaningless for brands).
specifies that a document RPM package should be built for desktop use (meaningless for brands).
pushes a package to the Brew build system (meaningless outside Red Hat).
used in conjunction with --brew to specify a scratch build (meaningless outside Red Hat).
builds the package without the product version number in the package name.
builds the package as a binary RPM package rather than a source RPM package.
publican printtree
displays a tree of the XML files included in a document.
publican update_pot
updates the POT files in a document.
publican update_po
updates the PO files in a document.
comma-separated list of languages to update, or ‘all’ to update all (mandatory).