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Fedora 文​档​介​绍​了​如​何​安​装​并​使​用​ Fedora 操​作​系​统​以​及​ Fedora 项​目​打​包​的​软​件​。​
在​左​侧​菜​单​选​择​语​言​,然​后​选​择​ Fedora 发​行​版​和​文​档​名​称​。​Fedora 文​档​已​被​翻​译​成​约​40种​语​言​,并​提​供​多​页​ HTML、​单​页​ HTML、​PDF和​EPUB等​多​种​格​式​。​
如​果​您​想​为​ Fedora 文​档​做​出​贡​献​,请​访​问​位​于​ 的​ Fedora 文​档​项​目​页​面​。​如​果​您​想​要​将​ Fedora 文​档​翻​译​成​您​的​语​言​,请​访​问​ Fedora 本​地​化​项​目​页​面​。 ​

Note —​ Not every document is available in every language

If you cannot find a particular document in the menu to the left, the Fedora Localization Project might not have translated it into your language yet. Select English on the language menu to view the most complete set of Fedora Documentation.
较​早​的​ Fedora 文​档​
The Fedora Documentation Project only maintains documentation for Fedora 12 and Fedora 13. We also preserve older documentation on this site for historical interest and to acknowledge the generous contribution of time and effort by many, many writers and translators. In 1997, Richard Stallman wrote:
”​自​由​操​作​系​统​最​大​的​不​足​不​是​软​件​---而​是​缺​乏​可​以​整​合​到​这​些​系​统​的​自​由​手​册​。 ​“​[1]
We thank everybody who worked hard to correct that deficiency for previous versions of Fedora.
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[1] 自​由​软​件​及​自​由​手​册​,自​