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B. Revision History

Revision History
Revision 14.0-113 October 2010Eric Christensen
Commented out unfinished text.
Added Introduction paragraphs.
Revision 0.8November 20, 2009John McDonough
Installing Software appendix
Revision 0.7October 31, 2009Eric Christensen
Added xlog installation and setup procedures.
Revision 0.6October 29, 2009John McDonough
Revision 0.5October 29, 2009Randy Berry
Revision 0.4October 28, 2009Eric Christensen
xlog screenshot
Additional info on fldigi
Revision 0.3October 6, 2009John McDonough
Revision 0.2October 4, 2009John McDonough
Beginning of SPLAT! instructions
Revision 0.1October 1, 2009John McDonough
Document skeleton