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1.3. anaconda

1.3.1. RHBA-2011:0530: bug fix and enhancement update

An updated anaconda package that fixes several bugs and adds various enhancements is now available for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.1.
The anaconda package contains portions of the Anaconda installation program that can be run by the user for reconfiguration and advanced installation options.
This updated anaconda package provides fixes for the following bugs:
  • Auto-partitioning no longer clears immutable partitions. (BZ#593642)
  • Anaconda no longer creates a new EFI system partition when one is not needed. (BZ#593984)
  • Anaconda now properly detects ext2's dirty/clean states. (BZ#601862, BZ#614812)
  • Anaconda no longer forgets IP method selection in the loader when returning to a previous menu. (BZ#609570)
  • The "Proxy password" field in stage 2 now correctly displays asterisks instead of plain text. (BZ#611825)
  • Text mode now allows IPv6 configuration. (BZ#612476)
  • Anaconda no longer displays free regions of less than 1MB in extended partitions. (BZ#626025)
  • Anaconda no longer loses focus on certain screens. (BZ#671017)
  • ".treeinfo" files are now properly fetched over a proxy. (BZ#634655)
  • Anaconda now writes correct NFS (Network File System) repository information into the summary Kickstart file. (BZ#635201)
  • The /boot/ directory can now reside on an ext4 partition. (BZ#638734)
  • Anaconda no longer fails to detect a disk if its size exceeds 1TB. (BZ#654360)
  • Anaconda is once again able to detect the file system on a previously-created RAID device. (BZ#678028)
  • Anaconda now generates the correct, FIPS-enabled initramfs (initial RAM file system) when the kernel option "fips=1" is provided on the kernel command line. (BZ#692350)
  • Anaconda incorrectly failed with a traceback when an attempt to unpack a driver disk to a pre-existing root partition. (BZ#640260)
  • Fingerprint authentication has been disabled on IBM System z because it is not supported on that platform. (BZ#676854)
  • Static IPv4 configuration is now used when requested in stage 2: Anaconda no longer falls back to using DHCP. (BZ#641324)
  • Anaconda is now able to properly detect an md RAID array with a spare disk. (BZ#652874)
  • Anaconda now correctly reports an error when a network-based certificate is specified in Kickstart with no networking setup. (BZ#636533)
  • A custom value is now properly honored when shrinking a file system. (BZ#621490)
  • The "list-harddrives" command output for CCISS devices is now valid input for Kickstart files. (BZ#702430)
  • Anaconda now selects the new kernel after upgrade. (BZ#683891)
In addition, this updated package provides the following enhancements:
  • This update adds the cnic, bnx2i, and be2net drivers for better iSCSI support. (BZ#442980, BZ#529443)
  • This update adds drivers for the Emulex 10GbE PCI-E Gen2 and Chelsio T4 10GbE network adapters. (BZ#633307, 633319)
  • Algorithms from the SHA-2 hash function family can now be used to encrypt the boot loader password. (BZ#554874)
  • Anaconda now allows a username and password to be entered for iSCSI Discovery sessions. (BZ#607827)
  • The "rdate", "which", "tty" and "ntpdate" commands have been added to the install image. (BZ#354432, 614399)
  • The graphical installer now runs using the full display resolution. (BZ#663411)
  • Anaconda now features improved SSL certificate-handling. (BZ#667122, BZ#599042, BZ#678574)
  • It is now possible to specify additional packages when using the "@packages --default" Kickstart option. (BZ#621349)
  • On IBM System z, the /boot/ directory can now be placed on an LVM logical volume. (BZ#618376)
  • Anaconda now supports blacklisting to determine which modules can be loaded during installation. (BZ#644535)
Users are advised to upgrade to this updated anaconda package, which resolves these issues and adds these enhancements.